Thursday, February 2, 2012

Slacking with my Soft Kitty!

One of my favorite shows is Big Bang Theory . . . I've been feeling shitty most of the week . . . visited Urgent Care on Saturday, etc. . . .
Needless to day, I haven't been very crafty lately . . . Although, I did manage 3 out of the four evening meals consumed this week . . . thanks to my trusty crock pot!
Anywho, I am kicking back and watching  our BBT Season 1 DVDs cuddling with my favorite "Soft Kitty and a heating pad . . .

One of my favorite episodes is when Penny gets tricked into taking care of a Sick Sheldon . . . while applying Vaporub, he teaches her Soft Kitty . . . This is one of my favorite shirts, I picked it up at Amazon! <3

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