Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halloween Wedding ~ Guest Book and Cake Server

So my friend and I spent a couple of hours working on her wedding items today.
Previously, their wedding was a Renaissance theme (hence the corset strings on the guest book; making it quite unique to my favorite Off-Beat Bride!).  However, when they had to change some plans and relocate the location, venue etc. they changed it up to Halloween theme!
Keeping her privacy in mind, I will not divulge the location of this intimate joining of two hearts.  However, it is the PERFECT place for Halloween themed nuptials.

So far, we have decorated the guest book and cake serving set.

The guest book was a blast to decorate.  She purchased a generic guest book and we had a blast making it just right for she and her hubby-to-be.
Not wanting to go over board with pumpkin notions, we chose simplicity for the silver servers.  She has a better picture, which I will post at a later date. However, the service will lay upon a bed of autumn leaves . . .


  1. You're awesome and my stuff looks fantastic! I can't wait to do the rest!

    1. Awww . . . . thanks! I had so much fun with this!

  2. I feel you should mention that a guest book that's EXTREMELY similar I found on Etsy is $75. I think this whole thing, guestbook and cake serving stuff, cost maybe $30 total. Other cake servers that were cheap and cheesy looking were at *least* $20 even online.