Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs . . . .

Have you ever had farm fresh eggs?
They are my absolute favorite . . .
In honor of the holiday, I made eggs for my hubby yesterday morning (he adores farm fresh eggs), as a classmate had brought a few dozen in to share.

Now, the eggs you buy at the store have been washed prior to packaging. 

However, farm fresh eggs are usually just wiped off, so as not to disturb the bloom (a protective coating on the egg shell).   That doesn't mean you should wash your fresh eggs before you refrigerate them.  Just wash them with cool water and soap right before use.

 One thing you will notice about your eggs is that the yolks will be a brilliant yellow-orange.  They whites will also be less runny.
 This egg was from my classmates' "Easter Egg" Chicken.  Instead of a white shell, it has a bluish tint!  I thought it was perfect for this weekend!
If you have never had farm fresh eggs, I highly recommend them!  Check out this post from Simple Bites about how to find fresh eggs in your area!