Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two Fridays ago, my hubby and I had our eye appointments.  Neither of us had had new glasses in many, many moons.  For him it was ~5 years, for me it was more like 7.  Ok, my frames were 7 years old and so was one of my lenses, but I had 1 lens swapped out 6 years ago.  Since then. my prescription hadn't changed and my glasses were in fairly good shape.
I snagged a copy of my prescription and went online for sunglasses.  I had had a coupon for that would make them $25, plus $10 in shipping.  It had expired.  I had read several reviews online and seen videos on YouTube reviewing their service.  When I went to purchase said glasses, they were like $70 with shipping.  I just couldn't justify spending that without a little research.
I found some glowing reviews from  so I went to check them out.  I immediately found a pair I liked.   Shipping was reasonable, $5.95 USPS Priority and there was a coupon code for 10% off.  Total Shipped was $50
They come with UVA/UVB & Scratch Resistant coating and Resin Lenses.  I have a pretty heft prescription (-2.50 (with prism for astigmatism) and -4.50) and I elected not to get polycarbonate.  Would they have been lighter, yeah, but you can't tell how thick they are since they blend in rather well with the frames.  Since they aren't for full time wear, I don't mind!

The glasses come with an adjustment screwdriver for your keychain, a microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber bag and hard clamshell case.
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