Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halloween Wedding ~ Guest Book and Cake Server

So my friend and I spent a couple of hours working on her wedding items today.
Previously, their wedding was a Renaissance theme (hence the corset strings on the guest book; making it quite unique to my favorite Off-Beat Bride!).  However, when they had to change some plans and relocate the location, venue etc. they changed it up to Halloween theme!
Keeping her privacy in mind, I will not divulge the location of this intimate joining of two hearts.  However, it is the PERFECT place for Halloween themed nuptials.

So far, we have decorated the guest book and cake serving set.

The guest book was a blast to decorate.  She purchased a generic guest book and we had a blast making it just right for she and her hubby-to-be.
Not wanting to go over board with pumpkin notions, we chose simplicity for the silver servers.  She has a better picture, which I will post at a later date. However, the service will lay upon a bed of autumn leaves . . .

New Camera?

So, I am looking to get a new camera for our business.  While we could really benefit from a DSLR or even a Nikon 1 . . . . they are a bit out of our budget . . .
This is what I found for a stellar deal! Shoots video in 1080p and it is only $180!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Ok, so this morning I set my water to boil for Irish Oatmeal.
On our last trip to Trader Joe's I picked up, what I thought were, 2 boxes to refill my tin!

Folks Please Learn From My Mistake!
McCann's has apparently added a new product to their line:
Quick Cooking (aka Rolled) Oats

No longer can we just grab a box that say's McCann's and run.  They look alike!

Fortunately, these will not go to waste in my home.  Hubby prefers rolled oats to steel cut oats!
I will be picking up these on my next shopping trip.

So, this week, my oatmeal will be 3/4 steel cut 1/4 rolled oats with berries and sliced, toasted almonds AND Fresh Yogurt!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

K-Cup Storage in an uber-small kitchen

I {heart} my Keurig.  What I don't {heart} are the boxes of K-Cups that take up my precious counter space.
I have already used these fun storage pieces in my bedroom (for storage of body sprays and lotion) and used to keep one in my bathroom before my glorious hubby renovated it.

In the bathroom, they are great for hair ties/scrunchies, hair brushes, deodorant, etc.  Anything to keep from wasting precious counter space in a tiny bungalow.

I have no excuse for why it took me SO long to use one in my kitchen?  However, I'm gonna go with Brain Fog from my autoimmune condition . . . Yea, lets use that!  Those damn cytokines are flooding my body making me feel crappy and exhausted!

So, I already use LED holiday lights to illuminate my kitchen after dark.  Therefore, I already had a plethora of cup hooks up.  However, if you don't have a cup hook up, they are really easy to install.
I got a box of like 30, at Lowe's.  I also use them to hang measuring cups, spoons and other kitchen utensils under my cabinets (More on that in another post).  They are self tapping, but if you have hardwood cabinets, it is probably best to drill a tiny pilot hole.  Once started, they just twist right in.

Since, this basket is only holding K-cups, I didn't put in an anchor or use a heavier duty hook (like the one made for hanging plants from a ceiling) I used in my bedroom.  If you plan on using your basket to hold more than K-Cups, please don't expect a simple cup hook to hold it . . .

So here it is 3 Tiered Hanging Fruit Basket