Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So today, I am making yogurt ( http://noimpactman.typepad.com/blog/2007/03/do_a_dance_for_.html)for the first time ever.

 I recall my mom making yogurt when I was growing up.  She had this space-age looking device that warmed the containers, which the milk was cultured.  I don't recall eating that specific yogurt, but I am sure I did.
Now, NI Man says I don't need a fancy yogurt maker, just a place to keep it consistently warm.

So I boiled and cultured my milk, placed it in pint jars and sealed them with BPA-free plastic lids from Ball Canning. (I found these darlings at Wal-Mart, when shopping for the jars themselves; which I purchased at Discount Drug Mart). $10 for a dozen jelly jars, $3 for the Caps, Milk (on sale at CVS this week) $2.49 a gallon.  I'm only making 8 pints to start.  I will update this Post once the process is complete.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works. 
While those live active cultures are doing their job, I am gonna: clean the bathroom, take care of baby fish, fold laundry and make some oatmeal jars.
It totally worked.  I must've checked about 4 times in the first two hours.
Then I got caught up in my chores (Classes start in a week, Dontcha Know!) . . ..

Hubby got home and I was like, "OH, I wonder what my "yogurt" looks like!" and went down the steps as quickly as my poor feet will let me. . . .
****Aside: It says to place the containers somewhere consistently warm.  My friend used her oven on low, as directed by: http://www.jasonandshawnda.com/foodiebride/archives/1116 .  However, not liking to heat up this tiny house any more than necessary AND using what I have handy . . . I placed them on top of our dehumidifier (which could almost heat this house) and wrapped in two towels.  It took about 6 hours.****

I am straining one in cheesecloth. and the rest are chilling in the fridge!

LOOK!  Yogurt!!!

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