Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Protein = Brain Food

We all know that eating a good breakfast is essential to starting the day off right.
One of the great things about the holidays is left overs, but did you know you can make them last even longer?
My hubby gets a ham from work for Christmas.  Since I don't eat ham, his mom prepares it and send the leftovers home after we eat as a family.
To keep those leftovers from going bad, I portion it out or chop it up coarsely and place in a gallon freezer bag. Lay it flat and pop in the freezer (on a baking sheet is great).  This way, it takes up less space once frozen and since it is flat, I can break off chunks as needed.

This morning DSS had ham with Two Eggs  and a tangerine for breakfast.  Sorry, he was hungry and I didn't get to snap a pic.
I toss the frozen ham into a pan with a lid on medium heat. Once warm, I crack two eggs over it and cover, turn the heat down slightly. This will keep the ham from burning.  The steam that builds up bastes the eggs, which is our little guy's favorite way to eat them.  I love the glass lidded pans I inherited from my Mom, after she got new ones.  I can monitor how the eggs are cooking, without letting that precious steam escape.  I shake the pan now and then to see how firm the yolks are.  Once they are close, I turn off the heat. [I have a gas stove, but if you use electric, simply move the pan to a cool burner.] The steam will continue to cook the egg.  Once done, I place the plate face down over the pan and flip it over. Add a slice of cheese, which melts while I am peeling the tangerine. Add a dash of sea salt and fresh ground pepper and serve!

The little guy gets a flavorful, protein packed breakfast to fuel his active mind during school~ Yum.

Don't forget to set a good example by eating a healthy breakfast yourself.  I know how hard this is, my immunosuppressants decrease my appetite.  So I keep pre-made Irish Oatmeal with fruit in the fridge, I heat it up while I am packing his lunch and making breakfast.

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