Sunday, January 22, 2012

K-Cup Storage in an uber-small kitchen

I {heart} my Keurig.  What I don't {heart} are the boxes of K-Cups that take up my precious counter space.
I have already used these fun storage pieces in my bedroom (for storage of body sprays and lotion) and used to keep one in my bathroom before my glorious hubby renovated it.

In the bathroom, they are great for hair ties/scrunchies, hair brushes, deodorant, etc.  Anything to keep from wasting precious counter space in a tiny bungalow.

I have no excuse for why it took me SO long to use one in my kitchen?  However, I'm gonna go with Brain Fog from my autoimmune condition . . . Yea, lets use that!  Those damn cytokines are flooding my body making me feel crappy and exhausted!

So, I already use LED holiday lights to illuminate my kitchen after dark.  Therefore, I already had a plethora of cup hooks up.  However, if you don't have a cup hook up, they are really easy to install.
I got a box of like 30, at Lowe's.  I also use them to hang measuring cups, spoons and other kitchen utensils under my cabinets (More on that in another post).  They are self tapping, but if you have hardwood cabinets, it is probably best to drill a tiny pilot hole.  Once started, they just twist right in.

Since, this basket is only holding K-cups, I didn't put in an anchor or use a heavier duty hook (like the one made for hanging plants from a ceiling) I used in my bedroom.  If you plan on using your basket to hold more than K-Cups, please don't expect a simple cup hook to hold it . . .

So here it is 3 Tiered Hanging Fruit Basket

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