Monday, January 16, 2012

Replacing a glass Lamp Shade is easier said than done

So on Saturday the bathroom cabinet door slipped out of my hand and smacked into the glass shade. Breaking it. *Smacks forehead with palm* Doh!
Now, I knew this was a fairly simple replacement, and not terribly expensive.  However, what I was not prepared for . . . the fact that the replacement shades are heavier gauge glass than the original.  I did discover that for most replacement shades, the hole is standard.

I did have to go to three different stores before I found what I wanted. They look kinda like this: Replacement Shade

This was my original Fixture: Renovated Bathroom Light Fixture

My hubby spent his entire week of vacation in May renovating our bathroom. 
Piece of advice: Buy heavier replacements before you install the lamp.  We were limited in height at install (taller vanity, taller medicine cabinet, not so high ceilings because the house was built in 1948) so I only had a few to choose from lengthwise . . .

They are suitable and will hold up a little better!

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