Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Non-Stick Pizza?

Do you make pizzas, even frozen pizzas, at home?

Have you sprayed you pizza pans with non-stick spray before putting the pie on it?

Or is it just me? Figures.

Well, I have and the spray seems to make the crust brown too much.

So I took a twist on what the pizza parlor down the street from where I grew up (and I'm pretty sure most do) do to keep their fresh pies from sticking.  Corn Meal!!  Well, in my house polenta, because I have a ton on hand and I'm the only one who likes polenta, grits or other corn meal-esque meals.

The corn meal keeps them from sticking, without affecting the crust in a negative fashion.  And it makes cleaning up so easy!  I just brush the leftover corn meal into my compost bucket, soap the pan up, rinse and set upside down on my oven rack to air dry!

And an aside, this also works with doughy dishes like my buffalo chicken roll, etc.

Oh, you should also use the ugliest seasoned pizza pans in the county! :)

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